Today’s Celebration, Donald Trump’s Last Full Day As POTUS!

Photo: Capital Concerts/Keith Lamond via Shutterstock

Maybe we can breathe, the last four years has taken the breath out of every American’s mouth; whether you supported the outgoing occupant of the White House, or you mourned the fact that such an eglomaniac would ever be allowed to sit behind the Resolute Desk. Yes, we are celebrating today, January 19, 2021 as we move forward as a nation, we also remember this day because it’s the one year anniversary of the first Covid-19 Case being reported in the United States. Donald Trump, the departing Commander and Chief has not made any attempt to nationally call the country together to pay any homage to; the countless American lives lost due to this disease, those who are in the fight of their lives battling it, and the courageous health care workers and first responders who themselves are risking all they have just to give comfort to those in the overran hospital system. Instead of doing a victory lap by waving all of his self proclaimed accomplishments during his tenure, Donald Trump rather spend his last few hours sulking at the fact that he’s no longer welcomed in the people’s house.

U.S. President Donald Trump holds up his fist as he leaves after speaking during a Make America Great Again rally at Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, on May 20, 2019. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP) (PHOTO BY BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

No, everything is not going to be made right in America after Joe Biden says “So help me God” like it’s some magical Disney moment, when the clock strikes midnight; oh how I wish! The truth is that America has had unresolved issues for as long as it’s been a nation, and it will still have issues after Joe Biden leaves the White House as well! This country is an elvoving melting pot, people who though Donald Trump’s MAGA slogan would stop the evolution of the United States are the same ones who stormed the capitol in the name of taking their country back. People with this mindset are actual denier’s of what the founders, with all of their flaws, documented in the constitution. They don’t understand that the good of the nation means everyone will not be entirely satisfied. There’s room for complaints on every side of how the country is failing it’s citizenry from all prospectives, but as long as we work towards what the constitution say’s it guarantees, then tommorow might be a step in the right direction. The last four years have proven to be a long stagnation of progress in America, as a matter of fact the last four years was actually a roll back of nearly fifty years of progress through legislation and social advancement.

Today we celebrate the idea of tyranny not having a home in the United States of America, and the will of the People being materialized through their vote. Our democracy, is shaken not shattered, improving not perfect, tested but not weak, and for that we celebrate. That breath earlier mentioned will come to fruition after the swearing in of a man who has dedicated his life to the will of the people; along with the swearing in of the first Black Female Vice President. I know you’d want me to be politically correct and call her the first African American Asian woman of color but I’m not giving you that satisfaction. Black women once again have a first at something in this country and Kamala is, and will be it, you can celebrate as well, but let the sista’s own this one. Finally, that breath can come to fruition with the rightful, lawfully documented in the constitution, removal of a man who’s only concern has always been himself.

Today you can, Celebrate!



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